What weight BB should I be using?

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What weight BB should I be using?

This guide is designed to be used as a starting point since finding the BB weight that gives you the best accuracy and consistency is a trial and error process.

What BB weight should I be using?

The accuracy and consistency of your shots are greatly influenced by the weight of your BBs; heavier BBs have a stronger ability to retain energy throughout flight, are less impacted by wind, but will fly slower and can be dodged. A lighter weight BB will fly faster through the air, and be harder to dodge, but if you're playing outdoors any amount of wind will cause them to veer off course.

When first deciding which BB weight to choose you'll need to consider where you play, your playstyle, and your gun.

Outdoor Fields

If you primarily play outdoors, the minimum weight we recommend is .28g. The reason is that most quality guns will be able to fire a 0.28 without any issues or modifications, and they are less impacted by wind compared to a 0.20 or even a 0.25 giving you better accuracy and consistency without breaking the bank.

Indoor Fields

If you primarily play indoors, the minimum weight we recommend is .20g. When playing indoors you do not need to worry about the wind and can run a lighter BB. They also involve more CQB (Close-quarters combat) and having a faster flying BB means there is less chance for someone to dodge your BB.

When playing indoors it can be harder to see your BB fly under the lights, and we recommend using a tracer unit and tracer BBs.

Heavier BBs and your gun

Something to consider with running a heavier BB is your gun, and its internal components. If you try to run say a 0.45g BB in a gun with a hopup that can't properly apply hop to it the BB may not even be able to leave your barrel, may cause jams, and could break your internal components.

If you want to use a heavier BB make sure your gun can handle it.

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