What are the best Airsoft BBs in 2022?

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What are the best Airsoft BBs in 2022?

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What makes a good Airsoft BB?

If you're new to the sport, you might be asking why someone wouldn't just buy some cheap BBs from Walmart and be done with it. Why should anyone be concerned about the quality of the BBs you're using? And what exactly qualifies as a good BB?

Why use a quality BB?

Low quality BBs could negatively affect your Airsoft gun's performance and accuracy, and could even damage your guns internals. Using a quality BB means you won't have to worry about whether the next shot is going to fly wildly off the side or if it will break inside and jam your gun.

Using high quality BBs is one of the best investments you can make.

Quality Control

There are so MANY Airsoft different BBs to choose from but the thing that sets a good BB apart from a bad BB is the Quality Control.

Quality Control is the act of verifying that the product that is being manufactured is up to high standards and any defects or issues are addressed accordingly.

A lot of manufacturers skimp on good quality control, or outsource their Quality Control to third parties which can result in a lower quality overall.

When assessing a BB manufacturer you'll want to look for:

  • As spherical as possible — The more round a BB the more accurately they will shoot

  • Its diameter will be 5.95mm with a tolerance of +-.01mm

  • Highly Polished with no seams, dimples, or imperfections — Any of these will reduce accuracy and can cause your BB to fly off target

  • Quality Control is done in-house — Quality can't be outsourced


A BB that does not have good durability can shatter while being fired and can damage your guns internals, or cause your gun to jam forcing you to miss out on a game or even an entire day.

A quick and easy way of checking for durability is to grab some pliers, and try to crush the BB with them. If you're able to with minimal force, stay away from that brand.


If you're playing at an outdoor field a biodegradable BB is a must to protect the environment and make sure we don't leave anything behind.

This is why a BB that is biodegradable is something to consider when looking for a high quality BB.

Wondering what weight BB you should be using?

We cover this topic in detail in our guide: What weight BB should I be using?.

Our Top Pick!

Bioshot BBs
Buy  on Amazon At time of publishing the price was:
$35.99 for a 4000 count bag.

Bioshot Biodegradable BBs

We have been running Bioshot BBs for the last year and can't imagine firing anything else through our guns. We love them, and we think you will too.

BioShot does all of their inspections and quality control at their warehouse in the USA.
These BBs are extremely durable and have never broken in our testing.
These BBs are biodegradable and come in UV resistant bags.
You get 4000 high quality BBs without breaking the bank.

The Runner-Up

Valken Accelerate BBs
Buy  on Amazon At time of publishing the price was:
$43.57 for a 5000 count bottle.

Valken Accelerate BBs

Before we found our top pick we used the Valken Accelerate BBs with great success.

One of our biggest hesitations is the price, which is why this option isn't our top choice. Prices for these BBs may be around $10 more than those for Bioshot BBs.

Valken has an incredibly high tech method for quality control which includes: Ultrasonic Monitoring, and quality control machines to ensure proper diameter and shape.
The Valken BBs are made with the highest quality Polylactic Acid (PLA) which has the same tensile strength as an ABF plastic BB made.
These BBs are made with PLA which biodegrades in 50 days in an industrial composter, and 48 months in water.
For 5000 BBs you're going to have to spend more money compared to our top pick.

Also Good

Elite Force Umarex BBs
Buy  on Amazon At time of publishing the price was:
$23.99 for a 2700 count bottle.

Elite Force Umarex

The Elite Force Umarex BBs are great quality, however they are very pricey and their availability is limited.

While we have found great success running these BBs, it is hard for us to recommend them as a top pick or runner-up because of the price.

These are very high quality BBs, that are polished to perfection. They come in incredibly convenient bottles that you can easily pour directly into your speed loader.
The Elite Force Umarex BBs are very durable, and have never broken inside our replicas during testing.
These BBs are biodegradable, but we was unable to find exactly what they are made of.
The price of these BBs is very high and it can be hard to come by the 5000 count bottles.